Blame It On Outer Space
Ever notice what's behind an airplane? Justin J. Case helps Eric and Ben see the chemtrails spewing out of every jetliner in the sky. What is the purpose of spraying chemicals on the US population? Could any good come of this? Plus TV's Edward Snowden along with an Atheist war on Angels. All of this and more!

Music: Matt McNeely - Blame It On Outer Space

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This is an emergency broadcast of the Blame It On Outer Space broadcasting system. Please listen for a very important update!

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The triumphant return of Blame It On Outer Space recorded entirely on location in the Great Pacific Northwest! Sit around the campfire with Eric and Ben as they welcome guest, Rich McHale! Over a century's worth of Bigfoot and Sasquatch lore dissected. Do these hairy ape-like creatures possess any sort of supernatural powers? Are UFOs involved? How do they make love? And is that Patterson-Gimlin film genuine or just another bluff from Bluff Creek? Tune in for all of this and more!

Music: Matt McNeely - Blame It On Outer Space

Camp ground location courtesy of Brad McBride.

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