Blame It On Outer Space
Tonight on the program we discuss vaccines! Should you really be giving these to your kids and is there a link to autism? Jenny McCarthy's body count gets Singled Out. Should we even listen to anything the anti-vaxxer movement has to say? Barnold Czerwinski (Stephen Sajdak) calls up the program to tell a story about a time he got vaccinated. Should you get a vaccination or should your family? Know the facts before that dreaded day. Plus: Jeremiah Heaton is back up to his old tricks in the North Sudan. This episode's official hashtag is #DeportHeaton.

Music: Chris "Invisible Boy" Bierden of Poli├ža - BIOOS Theme 

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Poltergeists are noisy ghosts. So let's make a racket talking about them! Several famous encounters with these types of spirits are discussed such as the Thornton Heath case, the one with the Enfields, and of course several first hand accounts reported by the Internet. Do these supernatural beings attach themselves to people, not properties? Or have we just come down with a case of windy house? Find out the science, fact, mystery, and allure of the Polter now! Rich McHale guests.

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