Blame It On Outer Space
Tonight on the show, we take your calls! This is an hour and twenty minutes of unscreened phone calls, monologue jokes, conspiracy news, and some bizarre true science facts. Donald Trump's Presidential announcement, Bilderberg 2015's agenda, and other terrifying things addressed upfront! Call topics include Sir Paul McCartney, Obamacare, the Moon, the St. Louis Cardinals hack and Reptilian connection, the Canadian Patriot Act: Bill C-51, false flags, and even a couple of true flags. Tune into this Boast to Boast AM.

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It's our summer FEMA camp special from deep within the Hollow Earth! Will the guys really make friends with their new neighbors: Nazis and Dinosaurs? Well, first thing's first, let's tell some scary stories around the campfire. We dig through all your old favorites: the Big Toe, the Skeleton Lady, the Licked Hand, and Don't Answer the Phone! Could any of these be real? Or have we finally gone crazy? Maybe we've gone crazy. Are we really descending into the depths of madness? Roast up your marshmallows and play this one after dark!

Music: Chris "Invisible Boy" Bierden of Poliça - BIOOS Theme

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