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Re-activate _. Run protocol: disinfo._ Oh, Hi. Have you heard about this Pizzagate spirit cooking? Weird, wild stuff. Also weird is the major UFO story that broke in the failing New York Times. Speaking of failing, President Trump teleconferences into the show! 'Oumuamua, I've come to bargain. The mysterious object that passed by Earth recently was theorized to be an asteroid, comet, space cigar, or alien probe. Guess what? It is now definitely considered an extraterrestrial object. We looked at the information and decided to ignore it.

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Old friends reunite, questions get answered, and answers get questioned.

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Something stirs deep within the bunker.

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The creepy clown epidemic grips the nation and Ben, our hero, ventures out to the woods to find these white-faced villains. Meanwhile in the bunker, Eric goes over recent clown crimes in South Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan, and Alabama. Where will this end? Who will get scared next? Are clowns of Earthly origins or are they from Outer Space or another dimension? Either way, they're getting here illegally. And Sean Hannity might be on the prowl tonight, that's right, folks, Halloween is upon us.

Happy Halloween.

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On this episode of Blame It On Outer Space, Ben suits up and explores more Stranger Things than usual. We discuss the elusive, deadly, blood-sucking Chupacabra! This cryptid was first discovered in Puerto Rico in the unbelievable year of 1995. Is Madelyne Tolentino’s sketch to be believed? What is this thing doing to our animals? Could they be alien in origin? Or is human mad science at play? Plus #CONFIRMED wherein we skip the case file and outright confirm 2 other conspiracies.

Join us on an all new adventure!

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Get ready to stay overnight. It's our summer FEMA Camp special wherein we explore the woods and our own souls. A monster attacks a family's trailer, a man experiences cosmic portals while going to the bathroom, a ghost haunts an apartment, and Sam Gibb takes a bet he can't win.

 BIOOS will return! On a podcast, just like this podcast.

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They’re back! We’re talking about the terrifying prospect of alternate dimensions, timelines, and universes with the Mandela Effect and how that relates to the Berenstain Bears. Wait, isn’t that the Berenstein Bears? Phil Gonzales of the Deep in Bear Country Podcast joins us to discuss the Berenstains’ mysterious origins. The Mandela Effect is a theory put forth by writer and paranormal consultant Fiona Broome that shared false memories are in fact glimpses into parallel worlds with different timelines. Which Bear World do you live in? Berenstain or Berenstein? Plus: The 2016 Presidential Election! 

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Blame It On Outer Space: The Game Show is back to press our contestant Eric Szyszka with the question: Are aliens dead? Phone-a-friend Andrew Jupin (We Hate Movies) makes a killing and then we move on to discuss Goats, Goat men, and Goat people! Half man, half goat hybrids are out there! Beware! Don’t carry empty tin cans around with you. Does this monster exist and is he luring Kentucky folks onto train tracks? Does he use an axe to kill? What is a trestle? And Ben Worcester embarks on a legend trip.

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The power of the mind. How far can it go? Well, there's clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and just plain old clair. Don't forget telekinesis (also known as psychokinesis) and psychometry, remote viewing, and remote control TV, yeah, sure. That too. Famed psychic Emma Kreskin (Amanda Smith) joins us with a few predictions. Plus: marijuana's dastardly connection to psychic power and energy draining phenomena. Also a Loch Ness News update!

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You want to hear some terrifying ghost stories? Brace yourselves for one after another. Blood, mirrors, and toilets all converge on this special edition of Blame It On Outer Space! Why do so many ghost stories involve the bathroom? Creepy pasta patrol is back and we examine the one where the dead kid tries to kill you if you don’t share the post (they’re all like that) and a challenged to listeners: capture this ghost! Our kickstarter campaign #BringBackBIOOS updates explained. A haunting goodtime awaits you.

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