Blame It On Outer Space

Dudekids, the wait is over! We're back in the bunker and check our voicemails. Yes, that means we're playing your calls live on the air. Did the religious sect known as Shakers put curses on towns in addition to building fine cabinets and chairs? What goes bump in the night? Are ghosts capable of arson? So many questions, so little answers. Tune into this exciting return of Blame It On Outer Space!

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On this episode, the explorers go into the Hollow Earth and come out different. The end is nigh. 

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Tonight on the show, we take your calls! This is an hour and twenty minutes of unscreened phone calls, monologue jokes, conspiracy news, and some bizarre true science facts. Donald Trump's Presidential announcement, Bilderberg 2015's agenda, and other terrifying things addressed upfront! Call topics include Sir Paul McCartney, Obamacare, the Moon, the St. Louis Cardinals hack and Reptilian connection, the Canadian Patriot Act: Bill C-51, false flags, and even a couple of true flags. Tune into this Boast to Boast AM.


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It's our summer FEMA camp special from deep within the Hollow Earth! Will the guys really make friends with their new neighbors: Nazis and Dinosaurs? Well, first thing's first, let's tell some scary stories around the campfire. We dig through all your old favorites: the Big Toe, the Skeleton Lady, the Licked Hand, and Don't Answer the Phone! Could any of these be real? Or have we finally gone crazy? Maybe we've gone crazy. Are we really descending into the depths of madness? Roast up your marshmallows and play this one after dark!


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Tonight on the program we discuss vaccines! Should you really be giving these to your kids and is there a link to autism? Jenny McCarthy's body count gets Singled Out. Should we even listen to anything the anti-vaxxer movement has to say? Barnold Czerwinski (Stephen Sajdak) calls up the program to tell a story about a time he got vaccinated. Should you get a vaccination or should your family? Know the facts before that dreaded day. Plus: Jeremiah Heaton is back up to his old tricks in the North Sudan. This episode's official hashtag is #DeportHeaton.

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Poltergeists are noisy ghosts. So let's make a racket talking about them! Several famous encounters with these types of spirits are discussed such as the Thornton Heath case, the one with the Enfields, and of course several first hand accounts reported by the Internet. Do these supernatural beings attach themselves to people, not properties? Or have we just come down with a case of windy house? Find out the science, fact, mystery, and allure of the Polter now! Rich McHale guests.


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This week on the show, Eric gains the power of music and leads us through the specifics of Solar Warden. What exactly is codename: Solar Warden? Okay, you're saying it's a space fleet but does it have anything to do with the Earth Defense Force stationed on Mars? Yes. It does. Okay, cool. How does Gary McKinnon's hacks and Ronald Reagan fit into this? Maybe, you should just listen to the episode. Ben Worcester co-hosts. Rich McHale - guest.


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Eric and Ben welcome their permanent guest Rich McHale and we are joined by a call-in from movie star and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger! This is an honor, and sir, if you read this, please call back anytime. We discuss the Loch Ness Monster and apologize to anyone who hears the "accent" and "impressions". We put the photography of Hugh Gray as well as the Surgeon's photograph under the microscope. Could Nessie just be dead? Or is he a product of aliens/UFOs? Maybe he's a ghost or something! Hey, weirder things have happened. We invite you to tune in to find out.

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A Future Dudekid Warrior (Andrew Jupin) looks back on the program. Is the Zombie Apocalypse possible and if so how would it occur? Plus we examine the Haitian and literary origins of all this Frankenstein voodoo. How do you create zombies? Hallucinogenic toxins? A rage virus? Rats? Stem cell research? Evil Scientists? Nanobots? God/Devil stuff? The dead studio audience moves and we resurrect the prior segment What Does A Child Think? This episode is Walking Dead spoiler free.


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Eric and Ben welcome permanent guest Rich McHale to discuss the Pigman. That's right, someone saw a half man, half pig thing. We decided to talk about it. Is that okay with you? Well, we did it anyway. Why is this creature is consistently seen in Vermont and specifically a place called the Devil's Washbowl? Did Sam Harris become a pig or just have a pig baby? And of course Batman comes up a few times. Plus a new Snopes related segment!

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